Do I Have A Micropenis ? How To Treat It ?

a micropenis pictureIf you are one of the many men who are embarrassed by their penis size and you've heard the term 'micropenis' banded about, you might be forgiven for wondering whether the term applies to you. This article will help you to determine whether or not you have a micropenis and, if so, what micropenis treatment options are open to you.

So exactly what is a micropenis? Well, it's precisely what the name implies; an unusually small penis. Penises come in all shapes and sizes, some large and some small but to officially qualify as a micropenis it must meet certain criteria.

Some doctors are in disagreement about how to diagnose a micropenis but in all medical textbooks a micropenis is described as being less than four centimeters in length in it's flaccid state (less than two centimeters for a newborn child).

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Frequency and causes of the micropenis condition

Micropenis sydrome is extremely rare and only occurs in less than one percent of the male population. It is often thought to be caused by a hormone deficiency during key stages of a pregnancy. If a male fetus does not receive a sufficient amount of a hormone called androgen the development of the penis is restricted and it does not grow to a normal size. But before you go blaming your mother for the size of your penis know that there are many other potential causes and that it could happen to anybody.

While the cause of micropenis syndrome remains a point of contention the effects it can have on a man's life are all too clear. Low self esteem, sexual embarassment and feelings of indaquecy are only a part of the problem. Some men with micropenises even struggle to urinate while standing.

Micropenis : what can be done to treat this condition ?

So, what can be done to treat micropenis syndrome? Well, there are a number of micropenis treatment options. Firstly, the condition can be treated during infancy using hormone supplements. If it's a little late for that then we'd recommend you see your doctor to discuss the other micropenis treatment options open to you.

There are a variety of surgical techniques that can be performed to enlarge the penis but these are rarely used to treat micropenises and can be very risky.

The best and most preferred micropenis treatment involves the use of a micropenis traction device. These devices are designed to stretch the penis over a period of several months, encouraging natural tissue growth through the process of cell division. The device is worn for several hours each day and therefor is not a quick-fix solution. However, if used correctly it will give satisfactory results with none of the risks associated with micropenis treatment surgery. The device is easy to use and requires no medical intervention. However, it is recommended that you consult your doctor before taking any steps to enlarge a micropenis.

If you don’t have a micropenis but would simply like to add a few inches your penis size, a small traction device is still the best solution, particularly if used in combination with penis enlargement exercises. These are by far the safest and most effective penis enlargement techniques and when combined they can produce astonishing results.

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